Legitimate all your requests in your departure negotiation

 Legitimate all your requests in your departure negotiation


In all leaving, coming, internal move negotiation … what you ask for, must appear legitimatein the other party’s eyes and this is essential for them to satisfy these requests.

Your legitimacy to ask for this or that may be pretty obvious in your eyes, yet it is of the upmost importance that these requests do not break the negotiation and make you loose your credibility. Discover now how to legitimate all your requests in your departure negotiation.

Legitimate all your requests in your departure negotiation



Here are the key questions around the ideally-shared legitimacy of your requests:

–       What’s your case worth?

–       A legitimate request must make financial sense

–       Present your arguments, again and again

–       Polish the look of your requests

–       Why (& what for) such efforts?

–       What’s your worth in a hiring / internal move negotiation?

–       What’s your worth in a leaving negotiation?

Let’s look at the first one for the purpose of this article:

What’s your case worth


In this case, the 2 key questions are:

–       What’s my case worth legallygiven what’s in it and the knowhow of my legal counsel?

–       What other laid-off colleagues have obtained?

This information is good to have but they bear limited value in the negotiating process. First, few managers think about building up a legally-worth case while working with a company, and two, most of them just don’t know what such a case is made of. So hastily-made cases are sometimes empty of any legally-worth elements.

As in a poker game, bluffing can be a worthwhile option. Yet, a prerequisite is that your case must not be compromised by “real and serious cause”, “professional misconduct” … all these things that company attorneys love when laying off people against their will …

Also, knowing what your colleague John has obtained is of limited value since this was hisnegotiation and nothing is telling you that it will be the same for you.

In most of a departure negotiation, the laid-off employee’s objective is to obtain the maximum possible at a given time. Any leverage can be used: political, psychological, ethical … For example, the higher you are in the company’s hierarchy, the better and most financially-effective the political leverage will be.

Being hired

In most cases, your target package will be determined as a mark-up to your previous package. This logic makes sense but is self-centered and totally forgets the value you represent for the company at a given time.

Yet, your candidacy’s inner value for a company is determined throughout the hiring negotiation process by the information you gather from the company itself, former colleagues, market data …

In other words, talking compensation too soon may harm your negotiation and make your requests illegitimatein the company’s eyes in the best balance of forces has not been established first.

Conclusion regarding how to legitimate all your requests in your departure negotiation

Toute demande est légitime dès lors qu’elle est économiquement justifiée aux yeux de l’entreprise, présentée sous une certaine forme et argumentée !

Any request is legitimate as long as it make financial sense in the company’s eyes and is presented polished and skillfully argued.

You have just discovered how to legitimate all your requests in your departure negotiation.

To know more on the topic of legitimate all your requests or to contact a coach specialized in departure negotiation please use the enclosed contact form.

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