Resolving conflicts within a couple through common values

Resolving conflicts within a couple

Resolving conflicts within a couple

Resolving conflicts within a couple is not an easy task especially when each partner has a very different outlook of what is important. to resolve a conflict within your couple you must define common values together.

Is it possible to resolve a conflict within a couple and to rebuild your relationship? Conflicts often arise in couples due to money issues, the birth of a child, in-laws, cultural differences, a lack of communication between partners, etc.

 14th couples’ communication objective: how to resolve a conflict in your couple relationship through common values

 The fourteenth couple’s communication objective is to define your most important mutual values to help you resolve conflicts. Most conflicts that occur within a couple do so due to a lack of shared values. Many people are unable to express clearly, what their most important values are. Even if we do know what our values are, it is not always easy to know which are the most important. In order to help you deal with problems you are facing due to conflicting values, try doing the following exercise with your partner. You should both take a sheet of paper and a pen and list the values, which are most important for each of you. Rank the values in order of importance. This exercise is often difficult for most people and cannot be completed in one go. Redraft your list as often as you need until it truly represents who you are. To do this properly may even take several weeks. It is therefore important not to hurry and, above all, not to stress your partner. Once you are both entirely happy with your lists, show them to each other. To resolve conflicts you should focus together primarily on each of your top three values. At this point, it is essential to let your partner express him/ herself, and to explain why his/ her top three values are so important. Then it is your turn to explain why your top three values are so important to you. The simple act of listening to your partner will enable you to appease conflicts. To complete the exercise, concentrate on the values you both share and try to elaborate a new list of shared values for the couple. This exercise will help you to set new foundations, rebuild, and strengthen your couple relationship.

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