Taking charge of a sport team

Taking charge of a sport team

What is a sports team?

A sports team consists of at least of five people, managed by a person who is responsible for it.

A sports team consists on people who are focusing on a common goal and who want to make a success of this objective.

How to establish a sports team?

Every sports team consists of a framework, a link and a sense.

I give some explanation: every individual being a member of a sports team participates in a project, which is defined, planned and framed. We build a sports team from values, from a complementarity between the individuals and by defining the roles of each.

Once the established (constituted) sports team, it is necessary to set up a frame, which will serve as working base. The common objective will be the link and the sense, which we want to give, will define the actions (shares) to be set up.

What have to we make for the handling of a sports team?

First, it is necessary to make the people speak so that they express their values, their objectives staff and so to see if it corresponds to what we wait.

Sometimes the problem meetings is that we make a mistake on the person and finally she (it) does not correspond to what we waited. This problem arrives or at the end of week or, sometimes (weathers) after coach we not estimated the strengths and weaknesses of the person.

A very interesting exercise to illustrate this subject is the one of the BLAZON. This exercise consists in putting four questions to every person which (who) then shall group (include) for to express then their answers.

At the end of it, we can express the common values of the team. Sportswoman. There are other interesting tools like the game of the mirror, which consists in be guided by his (her) partner who has blindly, to cause the confidence (trust) of other one.

In the handling of a sports team, it is important to understand (include) that everything will depends on the way the manager or the coach will proceed. It is difficult to imagine that a handling does not arrange all these criteria so that the cohesion is made. It will then be easier to set up the actions (shares).

In any sports team, it is necessary to pay attention on three problems:

  • The procrastination
  • The assertive
  • The Impact strength

Every leader, manager must be capable of passing above these three problems to obtain the best of his (her) sports team. Write to us in the contact page if you want to have more insight about how to take charge of a sport team.

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