Andreina SpariceCoach English-Spanish

    Coach for companies and individuals who want to make business in Spanish speaking countries

    Hi, I’m Nina Sparice, I can help you achieve your goals, make changes in your life and empower your relationships.

    You can achieve everything you set out to and enjoy a new perspective on life.

    I love to make things happen.

    My experience started as an engineer in the consulting area in Venezuela and then I have been developing in other areas, such as theater, tourism, marketing and human resources in Spain and Paris.

    I understand the challenges of changing cultures; enter in the world of work and re-skilling in a new culture.

    With PCA certification, by The International School for Coaching and Human Development, in coaching, I dedicate myself to finding the spark in people.

    If the demands of life overwhelm you, my services focus on giving you clarity and greater motivation.

    Intercultural coaching for companies and individuals who wants to do business in Spanish speaking countries

    • Facilitating the client to develop culturally appropriate strategies and to work through their implementation
    • Become fully equipped to lead in a new country or cultural environment
    • Supports employees and families prepare for relocation
    • Decrease cultural shock, take full advantage of all the similarities and cultural differences
    • Optimize your global communication and collaboration
    • Helps the client to identify their needs and goals and develop an action plan to achieve it
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