Christine ZangiacomiCoach English-French

    Corporate stress management coach

    I am a certified coach and sophrologist.

    I worked for 20 years as a manager in large companies.

    Over the years, I have been interested in the human factor as a source of energy, performance and the emergence of everyone’s resources and talents.

    I am specialized in stress management: know your warning signs and symptoms in the face of stress, understand the process of stress, better manage your emotions, learn to relax with your breath, and take concrete applications to reduce stress.

    Implement new practices to reduce stress and that of others.

    The daily work is made of several events that can cause stress: high objectives management of unforeseen, tense work climate, repeated reorganization …

    Yet it is quite possible to act quickly on these stress generators.

    There are indeed techniques and methods that can control his stress in order to gain serenity and therefore performance.

    The goals of my intervention in business are to better manage emotions in a stressful situation, to use personal resources to ease tensions.

    The implementation of these measures allows any person to move more serenely in his work.

    My coaching helps you understand your personal stress process, turn stress care into positive energy, and have a toolkit to release stress.

    Solutions emerge, faces light up, breaths of relaxation arise, a new joy of working emerges.



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