Emmanuelle RouaudCareer and study coach for teens, college students and young adults

    Career and study coaching for teens, college students and young adults


    Create a custom-built career project, which will boost students and young adults’ satisfaction and enrichment at work and in life.

    Phase 1: Personal exploration:

    • Learn to better know oneself in order to develop and rely on strengths, resources, behaviours, motivational factors, competencies, emotions…
    • Understand interactions with others and grow assertiveness, interpersonal skills, stress management and resilience.
    • Acquire autonomy, self-esteem and self-awareness of its own potentials


    Phase 2: Socio-professional exploration:

    • Build a future with a plan that maximizes abilities and fulfils wishes in compliance with what is possible out in the workplace
    • Go to the field, assess and experience actual ground practices
    • Structure a life project with inspiring action plan and goals


    Phase 3: Follow-up phase:

    • Implement the predefined career project plan
    • Get support to prepare applications to schools, resumé and references, job interviews…


    Personalized approaches according to the student/young adults’ background:

    • Atypical profiles, High Potential (HP), Highly sensitive
    • Expatriates, homesick, difficulties to acclimatise
    • Sensitive personal life, separations, harassments, conflicts, relational stress


    Combined methodologies and tools:

    • Integral Theory®: to comprehend an individual’s overall dimensions and complexity, including interpersonal interactions
    • SML® (Self-Management Learning): to open possibilities and learn to think and decide for oneself and act according to its own success criteria
    • Edutainment (Educational entertainment): to progress with creativity, fun and joy
    • Worldwide renown questionnaires to better know oneself: MBTI® (Identity), MOTIVA® (Professional interests and motivations), EQ-I® (Emotional Intelligence)


    Different possible formats:

    – 1 to 1 Coaching: live and/or via video (Zoom, Skype)

    – Group coaching: max 6 people live and/or via video

    – Jetlag/Insomnia: appointments can start at 5.00 am UTC/GMT +1 h



    • Graduated from Coaching Ways International & certified professional Coach ICF member (International Coaching Federation)
    • Coach in colleges to support and accompany students with building their future career
    • Skills assessor and career coach for professionals
    • Certified Project Manager PMP® (Project Management Professional)
    • Certification: MBTI®, MOTIVA® & EQ-I® (in progress)
    • 20 years in multinationals managing multicultural teams
    • Lived, studied and worked 3 years in Denmark and Germany
    • Master II International Management & Marketing

    My vision of career and study coaching

    • Authenticity
    • Compassion
    • Confidentiality
    • Respect of the individual
    • Transparency
    • Engagement
    • Energy
    • Action

    Lively and genuinely convey meaning to actions and conduct change with pleasure and kindness. Merely dare to be yourself and turn it into strengths.

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