Evan BernacheMental and Performance Coach for athletes

    Mental and Performance Coach for athletes


    Mental Training to help athletes improve their mental and emotional games, in practice and in competition, especially:

    – Self-Confidence/Self-Esteem

    – Stress and Anxiety Management

    – Pressure and high stake events Management

    – Negatives Self-Talk

    – Focus

    – Resilience (ability to bounce back after set-backs)

    – Relaxation

    – Motivation

    – Fun

    – Group/Team dynamic

    Combination of various approaches:

    – Classical mental preparation tools and techniques like mental imagery (visualization), positive affirmations, la meditation and mindfulness, etc…

    – Stress Reduction and Emotions management via Heartmath® heart science-based techniques (impacting the athlete’s mental, emotional and physiological characteristics)

    – Personal Coaching in order to explore the internal roadblocks, the athlete’s limiting beliefs, his/her relationships to others, to what others think, to performance and to life in general.

    Different possible formats:

    – Individual Coaching

    – Team Coaching

    – Workshops

    – Talk/Conferences


    – Former National Level swimmer, triathlete and still runner, engaged in different sports like skydiving, Snowboarding, Mountain biking etc…

    – Trained in Mental coaching in the US, Certified Performing Edge Coach Professional by Dr JoAnn Dahlkoetter, OLYMPIC Performance Coach with 5 Olympic Gold Medalist clients, Performance Psychologist and Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Winner of San Francisco Marathon, World Championship Hawaii Ironman Triathlon Champion athlete, #1 Best-selling author of “YOUR PERFORMING EDGE”, President and CEO of Performing Edge Coaching International.

    – Certified Heartmath® Coach (Stress Reduction and Emotions Management)

    – CoachU graduate (Personal and Professional Coaching)

    – Conversational Intelligence: C-IQ® Enhanced Skills Practitioner (Neuroscience based concept)

    – Project Management: certified PMP (Project Management Professional)

    – Engineering School: Centrale Paris

    My Vision of Mental and Performance Coaching

    – Commitment

    – Surpassing oneself

    – Encouragement

    – Balance Performance and Fun

    – Fulfilment

    – Personal Development

    – Values

    – Passion

    Mental coaching allows not only to improve the athlete’s performance but also to increase their fun and their well-being. The tools, techniques, personal reflections, and practice set-up will serve him/her in everyday life (at school, at work, in relationship, etc..)

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