Laurence SevagamyPublic Speaking Coach

    Public Speaking Coach

    Speaking in front of public, being in front of people are some exercises who could be not easy for many people and for many reasons.

    But when you learn to let go self-judgment, how to play with your body and your voice and take advantage of them, and when you are willing to see the gift of what you have to share, things become easier and easier.


    • Have ease and confidence to be in front of public
    • Share your expertise with confidence




    • Ecole d’Affaires Pleine Pratique, Canada (2015)
    • Coachs Leaders Program, Marcelle Della Faille¬†, France (2015)
    • Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator, from 2018 to now
    • Radio Show Host, Exponentialize Beyond Limitations, from 2018 to now

    What means coaching for me:

    We always need someone to show us where we stop us by ourselves, and from then so much possibilities can finally show up!




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