Sonia LebelHealth Coach ProBrain

    Health Coach specialized in brain optimization and global health

    Based on the Neuroscience research, discover the body and brain’s strategies to quickly gain control over your stress, improve your mental performance, better your sleep quality and feel more Zen.

    The 4 pillars to achieve your goals: Nutrition, exercise, sleep quality and mindfulness.

    « I believe that health is the overall physical, emotional and psychological balance.  You can maximize your chances to achieve your personal and professional goals when you ensure to stay healthy. »



    Business conferences and work shops


    • Stress management
    • Mental performance improvement
    • I dream to sleep better
    • Think right, feel good


    One-on-One coaching

    • Stress management
    • Mental performance improvement
    • Healthy habits to regain my energy
    • I dream to sleep better
    • Think right, feel good
    • Weight loss
    • Good bye flu



    • Amen University, Brain Coach (2017- 2018)
    • Institute for Integrative nutrition, Coach Santé (2013-2014)
    • International Coaching Institute, Basic Neuro-linguistic Programming (2015)
    • École de naturopathie du Québec, Naturopathy (2017 à ce jour)
    • Coach export, private trainer (2017)


    My vision

     “A health coach brings guidance and support in the art and science of habit changes so you get real and lasting results. It gives you the structure needed to gain new healthy routine that will serve you for life.”

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