Time management coach

Time management coach

Time management coaching for your personal and professional organization

A time management coach allows you to regain control of your time and therefore of your life. Time management coaching groups:

  • the management of emotions
  • the awareness of your way of functioning
  • the behavioral change
  • the creation of more productive habits

As you know, time is the most democratic and important resource we all have.

Learning how to use time effectively is one of the essential factors in creating a successful professional and personal life.

Before discovering all the advantages of coaching in personal and professional organization, it is important to define what time management at work and in private life really is.

Time management and work priorities

Managing time and priorities at work means creating coherence between the values ​​of your company and the goals of your business.

If the time management methods do not bring you the expected results, it is because there is a gap between:

  • the principles that underpin your company’s existence
  • the results that your company wants to achieve
  • the actions you implement

Time and priority management coaching, allows you to create or recreate consistency between these three essential elements for the success of your business.

How to improve your personal organization at work

Time management at work allows you to become more organized and more efficient at work while reducing your stress and improving your well-being day after day.
Our approach to time management at work is a tailored approach based on two aspects:
  • scientific research
  • field experience in personal management at work
Here are some tips from our time management practice and scientific research that are important to become more organized and efficient in your job:
  • take care of your lifestyle to optimize your well-being, improve your health and have all the physical and mental energy to make better decisions and take effective actions
  • learn to manage your emotions effectively in order to become more productive and create better quality professional relationships
  • become aware of your own way of acting in order to implement the changes you need to succeed
  • identify your procrastination profile to adapt time management methods and tools to your specific situation
  • model the most effective behaviors to transform them into more productive habits
  • improve your creativity to overcome your most important professional and personal challenges
  • take care of your workspace so that it helps you feel good and become more productive
  • improve your planning and estimation of the activities you need to accomplish
  • plan optimistically and anticipate solutions pessimistically
  • set goals that are consistent with your values
  • develop confidence in your ability to manage your time effectively
  • overcome past failures and create a new identity in terms of time management
  • overcome perfectionism, fears and doubts

Managing time and priorities in private life

Managing time and priorities in your private life allows you to align your goals with your personal values.

If you cannot organize yourself every day, it is because you are not aware of your most important values.

As a result, you are often overloaded with commitments and dissatisfied.

Time management methods and tools have poor results because you do not know the keys to your personal growth.

Coaching for time and priority management allows you to:

  • identify your most important values
  • set the goals necessary for your success
  • act effectively to create a fulfilling and meaningful life

The importance of personal organization

Personal organization is a skill that is becoming increasingly essential in the personal and professional world.

If you want to create a life worthy of your ambitions and carry out projects that are really important to you, you cannot neglect your personal organization.

This applies to both your professional and your private life.

Contrary to what one might think, the main objective of personal organization is not to achieve more by implementing time and process optimization strategies.

The main purpose of this tool is to allow you to live better by achieving what you really need and want to achieve.

Effective personal organization therefore requires this paradigm shift, or organizing your agenda to achieve what makes you happy and gives you a real sense of accomplishment.

This means that good time management is nothing more than a good management of emotions and that the management of emotions requires an awareness of your values.

If you are not aware of your values, you do not know how to prioritize your actions and therefore act without real change.

Understanding your values ​​allows you to become aware of possible internal conflicts that can negatively affect your effectiveness and well-being.

Solving these conflicts frees your physical and mental energies to improve your efficiency and bring you closer to your goals.

Personal organization also requires an awareness of your daily habits.

Becoming aware of how your decisions and actions affect your effectiveness allows you to implement the changes necessary for your success.

Once you are aware of your values, your emotions, your thoughts, your habits and your behaviors, you can strengthen your personal organization through time management tools and methods.

What are the advantages of working with a time management coach?

If you are always very stressed and constantly feeling the time pressure in your personal or professional life, then you definitely need to learn time management and personal organization.

A coach helps you build your personal organization system to:

  • improve the quality of your life
  • reduce the excessive stress you constantly experience
  • work more efficiently
  • reach your professional and personal goals more quickly
  • find free time for yourself
  • focus your energies on what matters most to you
  • learn to manage daily activities efficiently and with serenity
  • finally become organized in your personal and professional life
  • find a balance between your professional and personal life
  • stop procrastinating and regain confidence in yourself
  • act according to your values ​​and your priorities

Who is time management coaching for?

Time management coaching is addressed to all those who want to learn how to better use the time available to them. Here is a non-exhaustive list of people who may be interested in coaching in time management:

  • busy entrepreneurs who need to learn time management to make their business profitable
  • managers who need to maximize their productivity and that of their employees
  • students who wish to succeed in their studies while enjoying their free time
  • women returning to work after maternity or parental leave and who wish to reconcile professional and personal life
  • any individual who wishes to become master of his time and his existence to finally feel happy

To learn more about time management coaching and to benefit from the support of a coach, write to us now via our contact form.