How to negotiate your salary in 2020: internal promotion or hiring

How to negotiate your salary in 2020: internal promotion or hiring

How to negotiate your salary in 2020: internal promotion or hiring

How to negotiate your salary during a promotion or a hiring

In this article you will discover how to negotiate your salary during a promotion.

Are you sure that accepting this promotion is really a good decision for you?

If you continue to doubt, you can follow our strategy to make your decision and negotiate your salary before being promoted.

Listen actively to understand the issues of your new position during a first interview

You should not limit yourself to what is written in the job description.

Organize appointments with the human resources and your future direct manager to check the coherence between what they express.

This is often where you can detect inconsistencies.

When listening to HR and your future leader:

  • Try not to take notes
  • Focus on the nonverbal
  • Notice if they show inconsistencies between what they say and their posture, their facial expressions, the tone of their voice, their look, etc.

Take advantage of these moments of inconsistency to ask questions.

If the answers are vague or you notice dissonances again, dig again and again to get the most information.

Your goal is to understand the true value of your position for your company to get a really good salary.

Also pay attention to the excess of compliments or “ideal” presentation of your post.

If in doubt ask questions and be alert to any inconsistencies.

How to negotiate your salary during a promotion during a second interview

Now that you have more reliable information about what to expect, you can use what you know to:

  • prepare in advance questions for your second interview
  • prepare your speech summarizing the stakes of the job and your added value
  • provide an adequate salary range and other benefits
  • prepare to decline promotion if you are not satisfied

Additional tips on how to negotiate your salary during a promotion or job interview

1 – Become aware of your value and your room for improvement

You cannot negotiate your salary well if you do not know your value i.e. the unique way you can contribute to the success of your company.

To know your value you can focus on:

  • your past achievements
  • the opinion of your managers and colleagues
  • how you relate to other professionals within your company and outside your company

2 – Become aware of what could compromise this negotiation

Difficult to effectively negotiate your salary if you do not know what can hinder your bargaining ability.

To understand what could negatively influence your ability to negotiate your salary you can:

  • identify your beliefs about what it means to negotiate for you
  • identify any fears associated with the act of bargaining

3 – Observe how you communicate

To negotiate your salary it is essential to understand how you communicate with others.

To understand how you interact with others, you need to improve:

  • your verbal communication, what you say
  • your nonverbal communication, what your posture communicates to others
  • your paraverbal communication, how you say things

4 – Prepare your arguments and questions in advance

Successful negotiation of your salary requires preparing your arguments and questions in advance.

To succeed in your salary negotiation you can prepare in advance:

  • questions to understand the real motivations of the company
  • questions to understand what is negotiable and what is not
  • arguments that can easily convince your interlocutor

To learn more about how to negotiate your salary during a promotion, write to us via our contact form.

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