How to reintegrate professionally at any age in 2020

How to reintegrate professionally at any age in 2020

How to reintegrate professionally at any age in 2020

How to reintegrate professionally after a long illness, parental leave or any other event that has kept you away from the world of work?

Discover immediately our advice to make it happen!

How to reintegrate professionally?

Here is the question that this article proposes to answer in order to help you in your professional project.

The two approaches often proposed to reintegrate professionally

To maximize your chances of re-entering the workforce within a reasonable time, you must first avoid wasting time because of bad decisions.

Take the time to think before embarking on any of the following steps as they may deter you from your career goal.

The skills assessment

The skills assessment is one of the great classics of services that we could offer you.

If this form of accompaniment can be effective for some, it does not mean that it is for you.

The skills assessment is not always effective and can waste your time. Before starting a skills assessment, analyze whether there are other options that are better suited to your needs.

Professional training

Vocational training is also another service at your disposal.

Training is effective when it allows you to develop the skills needed to improve your application.

On the other hand, it is necessary to think as much as possible before launching you in training schemes which bring you nothing.

Training is not always effective, useful for your professional project and easy to obtain.

How to reintegrate professionally

In order to reintegrate you professionally, you must make your application credible.

Here are some tips to get there:

  • Use your absence period to your advantage.
  • Do not tell everything in your resume but limit yourself to providing the information needed to reassure the recruiter and turn your absence to your advantage.
  • Reassure the recruiter both in writing and orally.
  • Briefly explain in the resume the reasons for your professional interruption.
  • Prepare counter arguments before the interview to manage the recruiter’s doubts. To get there, you must first feel comfortable talking about this time. If you are not, your speech will not be effective.
  • Show, if you can talk about this period of absence, how this professional break has allowed you to develop the necessary skills to perform the job for which you are applying.
  • Do not just recite your resume. The job interview after a long professional break is an opportunity to highlight both your personality and your skills.
  • Analyze the job market

Understanding the job market is important to implement a strategy tailored to your career goal.

To do this you can, among other things, identify free services at your disposal, contact your former colleagues and employers or interview people doing the job you are interested in.

If necessary, make relevant changes to your resume and cover letter.

Have your resume written by a professional, if you do not want to write your resume yourself.

Submit applications to test your understanding of the job market

Look after your presence on social and professional networks

Recruiters do not settle for your resume and cover letter. They use the internet in order to understand both your personality and your skills.

To do this, try to maximize your profile on professional and social networks.

Use these networks to strengthen your expertise through recommendations from other members.

Social validation is a powerful tool at your disposal to reassure and convince any recruiter.

For example, you could ask a former colleague or employer for a testimonial to express your human and professional qualities.

Consider a professional retraining if necessary

The reasons for this choice are numerous, for example:

  • carry out an old professional project
  • find a less stressful environment
  • find a job that fits your personality

Regardless of your motivations, you should definitely test your ideas before embarking on a professional retraining project.

If you are looking for a job as an employee, follow the tips outlined earlier in the job market analysis.

If you want to start your own business:

  • Test your idea with other entrepreneurs
  • Use free services for business creators
  • Search the internet

How to reintegrate professionally in synthesis

To reintegrate professionally becomes simpler:

  • by avoiding starting a training or a skills assessment if you do not need it
  • by communicating easily about your absence from the world of work
  • by using your professional break to enhance your application
  • by testing in advance the job market or your business idea
  • by opting for a professional retraining consistent with your needs, desires and reality of the professional market

If you would like to know more about how to reintegrate professionally, write to us via our contact form to discuss with a career coach.

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