How to promote yourself as a coach and dominate your market in 2022

How to sell yourself as a coach and dominate your market niche

In this article you will discover 10 effective tips on how to promote yourself as a coach.

Whether you’re a coach just starting out or an experienced coach, you’ll find in this article essential tips on how to grow your practice and make a better living from coaching.

Without further ado, here are my 10 tips.

1 – Sell a transformation

To sell yourself as a coach you should not offer your solution as a number of coaching sessions at a given price.

You don’t sell coaching sessions, but you help your clients to transform themselves, to evolve from a current unpleasant situation to an ideal situation.

When you create and sell your coaching sessions, highlight how your clients’ lives will change for the better through your coaching and focus on all the side benefits of their transformation.

2 – Appeal to the two biggest sources of motivation

You can sell your coaching services by highlighting the benefits of your customized coaching for your clients.

You can also grow your coaching business by focusing your audience’s attention on all the downsides they will face if they decide not to take advantage of your expertise.

You can do even better by using pleasure as well as pain.

Since your prospects are all different and you don’t know if they are more motivated by success or by avoiding failure, the most effective solution is to sell your coaching as the total solution that avoids negative consequences as much as it maximizes the probability of success.

3 – Focus on micro-niches

In previous articles, I have already explained to you the fact that in a competitive market such as coaching, you cannot develop your business by simply remaining a very generalist coach.

In addition of being a specialist in one or more market niches, if you want to promote yourself as a coach and develop your turnover quickly, you should focus your marketing efforts on micro-niches.

Why should you do this?

Simply because if it is true that it is more likely to get coaching clients if you focus on a specific niche, it is even easier to generate revenues from coaching by becoming a leader in a micro-niche.

Why should you focus on a micro-niche?

Because you can get results faster as there are fewer competitors and with relatively little content you can attract new coaching clients.

4 – Follow the news

By following the news, I am not advising you to watch the news on TV, read online and spend hours on the newspapers.

My idea is very simple.

According to the evolution of the news, try to identify the new needs of people who may need your skills, in order to create a link between your coaching offer and the new challenge they are facing.

To effectively market yourself as a coach, you will need to tailor the name and content of your coaching or training accordingly.

You will need to create and share content that is directly relevant to this new challenge and show how your coaching offer is a relevant solution to quickly improve the lives of your potential clients.

5 – Listen and ask questions

As a coach, you have a major advantage over any other self-employed person.

The active listening you practice in coaching is fundamental to better sell yourself as a coach.

But what you need to listen to are the more or less obvious objections of your clients.

If, for example, after having had an interview with a prospect, the latter says to you: I appreciate the valuable information you provided but I am at the beginning of my research and I will contact you again, you should not agree and hanging up your phone.

Why not?

Because this person is searching for an excuse to stop the conversation because they have doubts about your ability to help them.

If this person really needs a coach, you should listen to them to identify their objections, fears and doubts.

If you manage all the objections, the only difficulty to overcome is money.

6 – Use social proof

Your satisfied former clients are the best ambassadors of your coaching business.

Why not capitalize on their testimonials both on your website and on social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook?

The only things that can stop you are fear and patience.

The fear is the fear of rejection and the patience is the time you will have to spend following up on your testimonial request.

Remember that even if you have been successful with a particular client or company, the testimonial is not something that occurs automatically.

The responsibility for requesting and obtaining a testimonial belongs to you.

The more testimonials you have, the better your chances of earning the trust of new clients in a shorter period of time.

7 – Create strategic partnerships

A very effective way to market yourself as a coach is to create strategic partnerships with other professionals that you are not in competition with.

For example, you can create a new coaching service by combining your expertise with the one of another coach specialized in another field.

You can also create a new package in which you offer coaching and another professional offers a service that will be complementary to your coaching package.

For example, you collaborate with a relooking coach who will manage the person’s appearance while you help him develop his mindset.

The possibilities of collaboration with other professionals are almost endless, it all depends on your ability to improve your coaching offer and that of other professionals.

As far as I am concerned, I have created an international network of bilingual coaches where each coach brings a very specific added value and this allows me to meet the needs of several market niches.

8 – Put in evidence a competitive advantage

If you want to develop your coaching business, you need to identify and promote a competitive advantage that will allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition and gain market segment.

There are many ways to highlight a competitive advantage, but the key is to choose one that is perceived as being valuable by your target clients.

Ideally, this advantage should also allow you to reposition your coaching offers by providing something that doesn’t yet exist and that satisfies an important need for your future clients.

If you don’t showcase a benefit to your potential clients, they won’t perceive what you can offer that is different from your competitors.

As a result, you will be less able to convert these prospects into customers.

9 – Ask your former clients for referrals

We’ve already talked about the importance of using testimonials to grow your coaching business.

Another way to grow your coaching company is to ask your former clients to help you promote your business.

To motivate them you can offer them a fixed or a variable fee for every new client they are able to bring to you.

You ask your previous clients to talk about the positive experience they had when they had the opportunity to take advantage of your personalized coaching.

By doing this, you will be able to better promote your coaching services.

10 – Use the right marketing tools

There are a variety of marketing tools you can use to better market yourself as a coach.

Here are a few tools I’ve been using for a few years that will help you grow your coaching practice faster and more effectively.

The first tool is GetResponse which allows you to create:

  • sales pages to collect prospect email addresses from a lead magnet
  • newsletters
  • surveys
  • many other features for your marketing

You can test GetResponse free for 30 days.

The second tool is Postcron which allows you to automate the distribution of your articles and videos on the main social and professional platforms. It will save you a lot of time.

You can try out Postcron.

If you regularly make videos and publish them on YouTube, I recommend the Tubebuddy extension.

It will help you to develop your YouTube channel faster.

I highly suggest you try Tubebuddy.

Conclusion on how to sell yourself as a coach

In this article, I have given you 10 tips from my experience on how to better sell yourself as a coach.

To go further in the growth of your coaching practice, check out now our marketing services for coaches or write to us using our contact form to book a free initial meeting with a business coach.

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