Stepping out of your comfort zone to attract coaching clients in 2022

Your transformation is the starting point for your clients’ transformation

In this article, I will talk about the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone as a coach in order to attract your coaching clients.

In this article, I will focus on the impact of your mindset on the possibility of creating a successful coaching business.

If you feel a block when you want to communicate about your coaching practice it is because you are afraid of the opinion and judgment of others.

You have a choice between continuing to be influenced or doing what is necessary to use your mind to your advantage.

In the past, I myself have had the same difficulties as you to communicate about my coaching business.

In this article, I will give you some tips that will allow you to strengthen your self-confidence but also your self-esteem as a coach.

1 – Focus on the people you want to help

Now you are focusing on what others think of you, but also on what you think of yourself as a coach.

Not only are you afraid of others, you are also your own worst judge.

Then you start comparing yourself to other coaches. Coaches who communicate effectively with others while you only see your weaknesses.

The secret to getting out of your comfort zone is to focus your attention on the only people who really matter – those who need you, those who are looking for an effective way to change their lives for the better.

If you want to have an impact on these people, you need to communicate with a focus on them and forget about everything else, including yourself.

2 – Focus on a market niche

You’re a coach, you have a ton of skills, you think you can help anyone in any situation but by doing so, you will help very few people.

In order to ethically gain the trust of a potential client, you need to know their problems, difficulties, fears and dreams.

You must have an effective method to help them move from their current situation to an ideal situation.

You can’t do this if you spread yourself too thin.

By focusing on one market niche at a time, you will be able to offer relevant content to the people who need you.

This will not only help you attract the coaches you are interested in, but it will also build your expertise and therefore confidence as a coach.

3 – Accept imperfection

You can spend hours planning your to-do list, but the most important thing is what you achieve on a daily basis.

Whether it’s written content, video, podcast or any other format, your perfectionism is your worst enemy.

If you’ve been putting off creating a video or writing an article for a long time, it’s not only because you’re afraid of others, but also because you never feel ready, never up to it, never good enough.

It is at the level of self-esteem that the game is won or lost.

You are afraid of your imperfection and its impact on your self-esteem.

It is only by accepting yourself as you are, with your qualities as well as your weaknesses, that you will be able to film this video, put it online and share it with others.

You will see many things to improve but also many positive elements. Others will see even more.

But remember, what you do, you do because you want to have an impact on others and by having the courage to step out of your comfort zone, you will also give yourself a good gift.

You’ll have a greater sense of self-worth and confidence in your ability to facilitate transformation for those who need you.

To go further on how to find coaching clients, I invite you to discover my marketing guidance for coaches or to write me through our contact form.

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