Couple communication

couple communication

Do you want to improve your couple communication? This article will give you a useful insight to develop your relationship communication. This is the second of a series of articles about marital communication.

In the first article of couple communication, you have learned that couple communication improvement primarily requires the understanding of your partner viewpoint.

That needs to practice the active listening, in other words the ability while speaking to totally focus on the emotions experienced by your partner.  Active listening practice will allow you to put your limited vision of the world aside to understand how the person you love perceives a given situation.

When you are able to understand your partner’s viewpoint without judgment, you have a more precise understanding of reality and you are ready to discover the second goal of couple communication.

The second goal of couple communication: the second couple communication fundamental

The second goal of couple communication consists in expressing your viewpoint clearly enough to be understood by your partner.

In order to communicate precisely your ideas, you should prepare your conversation in advance. This way you could check if your speech is understandable enough to avoid any possible misunderstanding.

Your communication will be sufficiently comprehensible and it will be listened until the end only if your way to communicate is completely coherent.

That requires aligning your verbal communication with nonverbal communication. Verbal communication consists in what you say, whereas nonverbal communication is how you say what you say (for example your voice characteristics) and the way you use your body.

To help you to improve your relationship communication, I propose you to do the following exercise.

Write down your speech and repeat it aloud in front of a mirror. First of all, focus on your speech, then check if you notice contradictions between your verbal and nonverbal languages. End this exercise by doing all your best to express your message in a fully consistent manner.

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