Working after retirement: main reasons to continue working in retirement

Working after retirement

Working after retirement is not, in most cases, a real choice because many people are forced to return to work for financial reasons. In this article, we propose to take into account the case of individuals who seek to satisfy deeper motivations.

Your motivations to work in retirement

Aside from the lack of financial resources, the motivations to continue working while retired vary from person to person. Here are the main reasons for working after retirement.

Working to continue transmitting your skills to others

Many studies in psychology show that some retirees wish to exercise a professional activity to transmit to others their expertise, their vision of a job and also a part of themselves. These studies also show that often people with a high level of education are more motivated to pursue their careers.

Working to realize a dream

Others get into different career to do something they could not do before. In most cases, these seniors create their own business with the objective of finally achieving a professional dream. Far from the constraints of their professional and personal past, these individuals use this moment of freedom to be professionally realized in another profession.

Working to feel helpful

Once retired, some pensioners suffer from feelings of worthlessness that can profoundly affect their psycho-physical well-being. In order to get out of this uncomfortable situation, some people are not satisfied to volunteer for societies but need to receive a fee to feel useful again. The financial gain that accompanies a new professional adventure symbolizes a major recognition that can fill the need to remain useful and to exist professionally.

Working to stay young

For some retirees, the biggest motivation for working after retirement is the need to feel young. These people do not think of retirement as a moment of rest and to feel good, they need to stay active and draw vital energy from their jobs. The work allows these people to organize the rhythm of their days and to master the fear of being able to experience an empty time.

Work because your work is your passion

If you are one of those people who have been lucky enough to have turned their passion into a real job, then you need to work to continue to have a satisfying life and probably a longer life than average. To deprive you of this vital need would be negative for your well-being and that is why you need to continue working even if you have been forced to leave your job.

Your projects to work after retirement

Now that you have just discovered the different motivations for working after retirement, you can think about your own motivations to start a new professional challenge.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself in order to move forward in your thinking:

What are my motivations for starting to work after retirement?

What contribution would I like to make in a new professional context?

What professional dream would I like to achieve once in retirement?

How can I meet my need for contribution in a new professional context?

Answering these questions will allow you to have a clearer view about your motivations for pursuing your career destiny.

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