Relationship communication skills

Relationship communication skills

Would you like to improve your relationship communication skills? This post will provide you with another important couple communication skill. This is the third article or a series of articles about communication in relationships.


Relationship communication skills can help you to improve the quality of your couple relationship.


You probably already know that couple communication primarily requires to understand your partner’s viewpoint and to clearly express your opinion to your partner in an easy and understandable way.


This article will present the third goal of couple communication. By reading this article you will get a valuable tool to solve your relationship challenges.


The third goal of couple communication: the third fundamental of relationship communication


The third goal of couple communication is double. First, it requires you to check if your partner has completely understood your viewpoint. Second, it potentially asks you to clarify your message in case of misunderstanding.


For a moment, let us leave aside any kind of relationship communication skills. Allow yourself to just think about one of your couple’s conversations in which you were sure to communicate clearly with your partner. But despite this, your partner was not able to fully understand you or even worse the understanding of your significant other was completely wrong.


When misunderstanding occurs, especially during emotional peaks, some people tend to get angry instead of further clarifying their perspective.


In these cases, it is preferable to remain calm and explain your ideas point-by-point while constantly asking questions for the understanding of your partner comprehension.


Between the various relationship communication skills that you can learn, this one allows your partner and you to talk about a common reality while reducing erroneous interpretations and couple conflicts.


I propose you to do the following exercise that will allows you to improve your ability to accurately communicate and further clarify your conversation.


Have fun to listen carefully to other people’s communication outside your relationship life. Try to identify any lack of clarity in communication and any difficulty in rephrasing any sentence. Recall at least two examples of good and bad communication in your relationship life. Try to identify the elements to keep and to remove from your relationship communication. Think about a present problem in your relationship and use what you have just learned to express and enhance the way you communicate with your partner.


If you want to further improve your couple communication by learning other relationship communication skills and take advantage of our relationship guidance, please write to us through our contact form.

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