How to get out of procrastination: 5 tips for a better life

How to get out of procrastination

How to get out of procrastination: 5 tips for a better life

In this article, you will discover 5 tips to get out of procrastination and create a life that meets your ambitions. If you are tired of procrastinating and want to regain control of your existence, you should continue reading this article.

1 – Use fear to your advantage

2 – Be aware of your excuses

3 – Make an appointment with each task

4 – Prepare an immediate gratification

5 – Engage with other people

1 – Use fear to your advantage

In other articles, I touched on the topic of procrastination by explaining that procrastination can be linked to fear.

One effective way out of procrastination is to identify the fear that makes you procrastinate.

Then, once this fear identified, imagine what your life would be like if you continued to give it the power to influence your future in the following week, then in the following month, then during the following year and finally within 5 coming years.

Draw a picture by completing the consequences of this fear in your life.

After responding, write down the major benefit of taking action right away.

Now that you have realized the consequences of following this fear and the benefits of taking action, you have started to regain control of your unconscious thoughts responsible for your procrastination.

2 – Be aware of your excuses

If you procrastinate it’s because you’re making excuses not to take the actions that are important or urgent to you.

You repeat these excuses all the time in your head or while talking with others and by this repetition they become real for you.

They influence your decisions by acting as a kind of belief that filters your reality and decides for you.

In order to get out of this toxic mechanism and deprive your excuses of the influence they have over you, I advise you to write them in your diary and to say out loud what you have written.

Doing this will show you that they are not true and rather are ridiculous stories with no logical basis.

By doing so, you will deprive your excuses of their power and regain control of your personal and professional future.

Now that you’ve realized your apologies, it’s time to make an appointment with each of these tasks that you continue to avoid.

3 – Make an appointment with each task

It is a double advice. From a practical point of view, I first suggest that you use a to-do list to overcome procrastination.

Then, set a specific schedule in your calendar for each of the tasks for which you procrastinate. This advice alone will help you reduce your tendency to procrastinate.

But some of you may need additional help.

For this, I suggest that you use your imagination and think of the task you are carrying out as if it were a person.

This means that now you have an appointment with a person at a specific time and that you cannot disappoint them.

It will be waiting for you at the time you have scheduled in your calendar. This is a ploy whose effectiveness will surprise you.

4 – Prepare an immediate gratification

This is advice that you have probably heard and which can prove to be very effective if you follow the right procedure.

It is not enough to decide the type of immediate gratification and find something you like.

It’s important to schedule to write this gratuity in your calendar next to the task you are posting. Then, if it’s something tangible, take it in your hands.

If not, imagine what you will experience while enjoying this reward.

Live the experience as if it were real, then at the peak of the experience, make a gesture that will act as a trigger for this mental state.

When you find yourself procrastinating, all you have to do is repeat this gesture to get back into an ideal state to get out of procrastination and quickly take action.

Now that you know how to use the power of instant gratification, you are ready to release your procrastination.

5 – Engage with other people

This last piece of advice may seem a bit extreme for some introverted people, but its effectiveness is truly breathtaking.

If the previous advice was not enough to get you out of procrastination and take action, sharing the decision to commit to overcoming procrastination with one or more people can change your life.

Avoid at all costs the people who minimize your procrastination and those who are extremely critical of you.

It is important to choose caring people to support you in implementing this behavior change.

They will be there to follow your progress and will comfort you in your actions.

They will act as a kind of mirror to show you your evolution and help you make the necessary changes to get out of procrastination and create the life you dream of.

Conclusion on how to get out of procrastination

In this article, I have presented 5 tips on how to overcome procrastination in your personal and professional life.

By applying them, you will be able to take action and improve your present and future.

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