Coach to set up a business: 5 advantages. Watch out for the first one!

Coaching to set up a business: 5 major advantages. The first one will make you think!

In this article you will discover the main advantages of being supported by a coach to start your own business.

But before moving on to our advice, it is important to define what coaching to set up a business.

What is coaching to set up a business?

Coaching to set up a business is an intervention that aims at facilitating all the stages of the creation of your business. Often this service can be extended to the first phases of development of your entrepreneurial project.

Why should you be helped by a coach to create your business?

Your circle of acquaintances can give you a positive or negative opinion, but whether it is your colleagues, your family or your friends, these people have never created and managed a business.

They are therefore not in a good position to help you move forward in your business creation project.

Another option is to rely on training offered by a chamber of commerce or other organizations.

The problem is that they provide you with information and advice that are not personalized.

Now, I suggest you to take a look at five major advantages of choosing a coach to start your business.

1 – Become aware of your blind spots

Choosing to use the expertise of a coach to build your business is a guarantee that you will get a more objective view of your business project.

The coach enables you to become more conscious of the blind spots that you do not perceive.

This allows you to broaden your understanding of your entrepreneurial project in order to avoid an almost certain failure at the beginning of your activity.

It is not uncommon for a new entrepreneur to fall victim to an optimism bias, i.e. the tendency to perceive only the positive elements of his project while remaining unable to notice the weaknesses of his ideas.

The business coach will help you become aware of all these factors that can determine the failure of your future enterprise.

2 – Identify the beliefs that limit the potential of your company

Your future company will be a direct reflection of yourself.

This means that if you have something that limits you, this will have a negative effect on the growth of your business.

Business coaching sessions will help you become aware of your limiting beliefs – ideas that are strongly held in your mind that can reduce your chances of creating a successful business.

Once you have identified these negative beliefs and self-sabotaging strategies, the coach will help you establish more productive and effective self-constructive beliefs for the success of your business.

3 – Test the validity of your business creation project

You have an innovative idea or you have identified a need and a potential market.

Before launching your business and starting to mobilize your finances as well as your physical and mental energies, it is essential to verify the value of your idea on the market.

In this specific case, the business coach can provide you with his skills as a business creation consultant.

In this case, he will be able to help you to carry out a market study or simply to test more rapidly and with appropriate marketing tools the validity of your business idea.

If you do not have marketing skills, the coach consultant will help you build an effective marketing strategy and will also assist you if necessary in acquiring additional knowledge to successfully sell.

4 – Better manage your stress

Starting a business is no a stress free experience.

If this is your first business and you have been employee until now, you probably have some worries and this is quite normal.

Even if you are a person who can handle stress well, it is undeniable that launching a business activity can quickly exceed your limits.

A coach will help you become aware of the factors responsible for your stress and reinforce your state of certainty through the implementation of a structured and easy-to-implement action plan.

You will then learn to take action, to manage what is under your control as well as to let go of situations that you cannot control or influence.

5 – Keep yourself motivated

Entrepreneurial work consists of many highs and lows.

Learning to manage them is vital for the longevity of your future business but also for your well-being.

Think of your business project as a marathon.

To get to the end of the course, you need to develop good endurance.

This stamina depends on your ability to effectively manage your emotions and energy.

A coach can help you understand how you react to situations in order to find more relevant strategies to use failures to your advantage and constantly reinforce your motivation.

How does coaching work?

Coaching to start your own business can take place face to face or remotely.

Remote coaching for business creation has multiple advantages.

You schedule your sessions according to your availability and at the end of each session you agree with the coach on the actions to implement.

The following session will allow you to evaluate your achievements, to correct your strategy and to overcome possible blockages.

How to choose the right business coach?

As you may have understood, a good business coach is neither a personal development coach nor a simple marketing expert.

You need a professional who can provide you with the skills to strengthen your mindset as well as the skills to get your business off the ground.

We have these skills and we are at your disposal to assist you in the assessment, implementation and development of your future business.

To test the effectiveness of our expertise, you can book a first free session with a business coach by writing us an email through our contact form, by calling us at +33 6 69 46 03 79 or by contacting us on WhatsApp at +33 6 69 46 03 79.

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