How to foster Constructive communication in your relationship

How to foster Constructive communication in your relationship

Constructive relationship communication is, for many reasons, not always easy to achieve. This article will focus on how talking about important relationship issues allows partners to develop more effective communication.

If your partner often complains that you don’t like to talk about certain important subjects, you should probably pay attention to this article.

The sixth goal of relationship communication: how to make it more constructive

The sixth goal of relationship communication consists in communicating about important topics in order to solve them. Contrary to what normally happens to many relationships, some partners do not suffer from a lack of communication. Indeed, some couples can easily talk about several matters but at the same time they also experience a lot of frustration when they fail to face up to important matters for the future of their relationship.

In order to help you to make communication more constructive, I suggest you do the following exercise.

Just think about some topics you consider really important for the long-term success of your couple. Make a list of these topics in order of priority. You can do that by attributing a number to each of them. Then take what you consider to be the most important point for your relationship and ask yourself the following questions:

How will my relationship evolve if I decide to tackle this important subject?

What will happen to my marriage if I don’t rapidly take any action to find the right solution?

What can I do now to help myself prepare to best manage this challenge with my partner?

Take time to think about your answers and they will give you a better understanding of the most important risks and opportunities for your relationship. This way, you will probably find new motivation to instantly regain control of your communication in your relationship.

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