How not to be overwhelmed on a daily basis: 2 methods that really work

How not to be overwhelmed on a daily basis: 2 methods that really work

How not to be overwhelmed on a daily basis: 2 methods that really work

In this article, you will discover how not to be overwhelmed on a daily basis.

In my previous articles, I presented scientifically proven advice to overcome procrastination, better manage time, become more efficient and less stressed.

But the exchanges with my clients and with other people with whom I have spoken so far, have made me understand that in some cases people are looking for basic advice that can be easily understood and integrated into their lives.

In this article, I’m going to present you the Matrix of Eisenhower and the tips I discovered in a personal development course of the famous American entrepreneur Dean Graziosi that I signed up for and that I strongly recommend you.

The matrix of Eisenhower

This tool makes it possible to distinguish between activities:

  • important
  • important and urgent
  • urgent but not important
  • not important and not urgent

If you are overwhelmed, you must take action and immediately handle important and urgent tasks. But this is only the beginning.

Your goal is to devote most of your time to important tasks, namely, actions that:

  • contribute to your well-being in the medium and long terms
  • bring you closer to your goals
  • allow you to not be all the time in the emergency

These are activities that in most cases need to be done by you, but not always because some of them can still be delegated.

Urgent but not important activities are often linked to the demands of others. These are activities in which you are asked sometimes at the last minute by people around you.

It is important to understand that if you neglect them there will be no consequences for you. From time to time, you can spend time in kindness to others but be careful not to be constantly stolen from your time, otherwise you will have no time for what matters most in your life.

Activities that are neither urgent nor important should be limited as much as possible. According to some authors, they should be eliminated completely. In my opinion, some can be kept because they meet important psychological needs.

The key is to plan them in times of the day that are more strategic, that is, when you need to relax, or that your energy levels drop and you just need to let off steam and to find the mental resources necessary to resume other important activities.

Dean Graziosi’s Productivity Tips

In terms of time management, this author suggests 3 principles:

  • Eliminate
  • Delegate
  • Automate

In a minimalist approach to time management, it is better to:

  • eliminate tasks that do not allow us to approach our goals
  • delegate tasks that you do not want to do or that can be performed as well or better by other people
  • automate common tasks, for example by taking advantage of technological developments

This article on how not to be overwhelmed on a daily basis is over.

Before you leave, I would like to ask you a question and ask you something.

First, I would like to know how, when and where will you apply the advice you have just discovered?

Secondly, I ask you to share this article with your entourage because the information you have just discovered is able to have a positive impact on the lives of others who like you want to progress.

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