How to be productive during your holidays

How to be productive during your holidays

How to be productive during your holidays

In this article you will discover how to be productive during your holidays. Well yes, this is possible if you follow good advice, you can fully enjoy this moment while laying the foundation for better well-being and greater efficiency at work.

Here are briefly our 6 tips to be more productive during your holidays:

1 – Take a rest

2 – Enjoy new experiences

3 – Nourish your mind and move

4 – Enjoy greater creativity

5 – Bring a fresh look at your professional and personal life

6 – Work if you feel like it

Discover now our first tip.

1 – Take a rest

Take the time to decompress and fully recharge yourself physically and mentally.

Stay flexible in the schedules to adapt to a different way of life, but try to sleep at least 7 hours per night.

If this is not possible, recover fatigue with a small nap.

Remember that the first objective of a vacation is, above all, to find a better level of energy and a better work-life balance.

This is essential to feel greater well-being, to better manage your stress and stay productive at work and in your private life as well.

2 – Enjoy new experiences

Going on vacation is probably the opportunity to enjoy new experiences. Discover a new place, new people, new habits, new dishes and perhaps a new culture.

Take advantage of this new experience to cultivate your open-mindedness, get rid of bad habits and recreate a new way to experience your relationship with life in all its many forms.

Make room for the new and enter the unknown to come out renewed and ready for a new beginning as much in your private life as in your professional life.

3 – Nourish your mind and move

One of the best ways to stay productive on vacation is to feed your mind.

Take advantage of these moments to read a stimulating book or to learn something interesting or to devote time for a hobby.

You can practice a sport or simply take long walks to discover new places.

By doing so, you will enjoy greater well-being in a shorter time.

4 – Enjoy greater creativity

Research on creativity shows that creativity is more important in conditions of relaxation.

A good vacation will help you reduce stress and make it easier and more effective to get better brain function.

This is beneficial to take advantage of higher quality intuitions allowing you to find new solutions to professional or personal difficulties.

Take advantage of your vacation to find effective solutions to your big and small difficulties to improve the quality of your life.

5 – Bring a fresh look at your professional and personal life

Through greater mental peace, you will intuitively and automatically develop a new look at your own habits and actions.

This will allow you to correct your unproductive work behaviors in order to implement better quality processes.

You will also develop an outside look into your private life by understanding the changes you can trigger to improve your family and friends relationships.

In the end, you will become more present to yourself and this will allow you to improve the quality of your professional and personal relationships.

6 – Work if you feel like it

If during your vacation, you suddenly feel the need to test new ideas, do not wait. You may lose your enthusiasm. If you feel inspired, take action quickly.

One hour in the day will be enough to start writing a new article or to film a video as part of your professional activity. These are just examples; Depending on your job, you will need to take other actions.

What is important to remember in this tip is to take advantage of this explosion of energy to create new opportunities for you.

Some of you will find this tip questionable but having tested and applied it, I can guarantee you that after a few days of real relaxation, you will unlock new mental and physical resources. Not to enjoy it would be a waste of creativity.

In addition, doing this will allow you to prepare for your return to work in the best possible conditions. Try and you will see for yourself the effectiveness of this choice.

Conclusion on how to be productive during your holidays

Contrary to the common thought that holidays would be exclusively a moment for idleness, my own experience as well as that of my clients show that holidays also improve your productivity.

By following the tips previously outlined, you will be able to understand how to be productive during your holidays.

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