How to become an organized person at work and in private life

How to become an organized person at work and in private life

How to become an organized person at work and in private life

In this article, you will discover how to become an organized person at work and in private life in order to overcome the lack of organization in your private life and at work. 

First, you will understand why you are not yet organized and then we will provide operational guidance to improve your time management and effectiveness in your professional and personal life. 

Are you ready? 

Discover what is stopping you from being an organized person now!

Reasons for lack of organization in private and in professional life 

If you find yourself constantly running, stressing, and complaining about the lack of time to do what you want, you probably need to learn how to become an organized person

Contrary to what you may think, the lack of organization in your family and professional life is not due to a lack of good practices. 

This is not a problem related to scheduling and executing a task. 

This is only a reflection of a lack of clarity. 

Any training in time management or personal or professional organization will not help you if you do not understand what is important to you and why you do what you do. 

If you want to know how to become an organized person, you must first realize that your lack of organization does not depend on the execution of a task but it comes from: 

  • a lack of clarity about what is really important to you·        
  • the focus on tasks that do not allow you to meet your real needs 

In summary, if you suffer from a lack of organization in your life, it is because you do not know your values and/or because you do not live and you do not act according to your most important values.  

How to become an organized person: identify your values 

You cannot become an organized person if you do not know your values. 

For this reason, the first step in your behavioral transformation is to identify your values. 

From a psychological point of view, values are what you consider important in your life. Examples of values are health, family, money, friends, etc. 

Each individual evaluates the level of importance of his own values differently and that is why the list of values is different for each individual. 

Take time to write the first version of your list of values. 

With time and with a deeper reflection on what is important to you, you can modify it to fit your identity. 

It is very likely that some of the values you put in your first list will be the legacy of the values of your parents, your family, the society in which you live, etc. 

In the beginning, just write this first list of values and always keep it with you. It will help you to check if you live up to your values and to implement the timely changes to reduce the gap between your reality and what you really want.

How to become an organized person: live according to your most important values 

Now that you have your list of values, it is essential to choose the most important values for you right now. 

The order of priority of your values may change according to different events in your life and your own evolution. 

This exercise is not easy and sometimes requires several weeks to reach a final version. 

After finding the right order, write down in a notebook whenever you organize your day according to your values and whenever you cannot do it. 

In the latter case try to understand why. 

In some cases, the difficulty of living according to one’s values comes from a conflict of values. 

A conflict of values is a situation in which a person gives two values an almost identical importance. 

In this case, it is essential to ask more questions to understand what you want most. 

In summarizing, when an individual pursues two contradictory or extremely close values in terms of importance, he must redefine his priorities and his personal mission. 

If the individual does not come out of this situation, he experiences a strong dissatisfaction and a great loss of energy and motivation. In these cases, it is impossible to organize and achieve one’s goals.

How to become an organized person: know your personal mission 

It is hard to become an organized person if you have never thought about the impact you want on the world. Identifying your personal mission, your contribution to humanity is essential to live a life full of meaning and fulfillment

However, identifying your mission requires getting to know you to understand what makes you unique. 

Discovering your uniqueness is the key to living your personal mission. Every individual has something to contribute to this world. 

The problem is that most people never take the time to ask deep questions, to observe themselves without judging themselves or to comply. 

Nevertheless, doing this is fundamental to finally discovering you as you are, a unique being with a unique message to bring to this world.

How to become an organized person: live in accordance with your values, your personal mission, and your unicity 

When you discover what makes you unique and how to contribute to the world and you do it by respecting your values, what you have to do is to implement your project through relevant actions. 

Cut out in sub-parts your main objectives allowing you to realize your project of life. 

The objectives must be:

consistent with your personal mission, your uniqueness, and your values

  • important
  • specific
  • measurable
  • attainable
  • defined in time
  • ethical
  • ecological 

Once a goal is set, it is only a question of execution, monitoring, and adaptation. 

It is only at this level that all the tools, techniques and methods of time management become useful. 

Without in-depth work on what is most important to you, you will remain dissatisfied even if you accomplish everything you have programmed in your to-do list. 

In future articles, we will provide many tips on how to improve your productivity from a practical point of view of time management. 

Now that this article is finished and you now know how to become an organized person at work and in private life, I have a question for you. 

How are you going to use what you just learned and when? If you liked this article and think that it might be useful to others, share it now on social and professional networks. 

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If you want to go further and benefit from the expertise of a confidence coach, write us now through our contact form.

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