Optimizing your time as business owner to have more time for yourself

Optimizing your time as business owner to have more time for yourself

Optimizing your time as a business owner to have more time for yourself

In this article you will discover how to optimize your time as a business owner to have more time for yourself, to grow more and improve your efficiency.

If you’re out of time and looking for a way to improve the quality of your life, you’ll find in this article several tips for regaining control of your life.

Find out immediately how to optimize your time as a business owner and especially how to have more time for yourself.

How to optimize your professional and personal time to have more time for itself 

1 – Optimize your schedule by taking into account your professional and personal life 

Optimizing your time as a business leader is difficult if you do not organize your time taking into account both your professional and private life. 

Some executives have no problem optimizing their working time but they do not feel comfortable doing the same for their personal life. 

This may seem unusual, but if you do not organize your life outside of work, you will not be able to achieve what you care about in your private life. 

Some business leaders do not want to be misunderstood by their family and decide not to have a single agenda to manage their time. 

But most of the time they cannot keep up with their family commitments and end up damaging the quality of their family life. 

Everything you plan can be accomplished and this is true also in your private life. If you still doubt it, start organizing your time in this way and you will understand the benefits. 

Doing this allows you to optimize your business time to have more time for yourself. 

2 – Put your well-being in the first place 

Your professional activity has an important place in your life and even more so if you are the founder of your company. 

You work hard and do your best to keep your business running and prospering. 

Your days are long, sometimes too long for you as for your family. 

You achieve good results and at the same time, you try to be a good parent and a good partner. 

But from time to time you feel a physical emptiness, a lack of meaning because you forget yourself by putting yourself constantly in the last place. 

It’s time to give you the place you deserve and put your well-being in the first place. 

By doing this, you will do well, you will do the good of your family and also that of your company. A successful business owner is: 

  • a leader who makes better decisions and achieves better results
  • a mother or father more present for his family
  • a happier person

Taking time for yourself is a habit you must learn to develop to be happy in your private life and at work. 

Doing this helps to optimize your time as a business owner to have more time for yourself and enjoy your life at work and away from work.

3 – Become aware of your schedule

You can not optimize your time and therefore have more if you are not aware of how you use your time.

To achieve this, you must begin to understand how you use your time both in your professional life and in your private life.

The first goal of this process is to understand how you are wasting your time.

What are the activities that waste your time and that you can delegate?

Do not just think about professional delegation.

Think again in a global way.

What activities do you persist to continue even if you can delegate them and even if they are useless or even counterproductive?

Identifying what makes you waste time is essential to understand why you are stubborn in putting what is not important before what is important.

Time management coaching in both personal and professional life can help you identify the psychological reasons that prevent you from implementing behavioral change.

But being aware of these wasters of time also gives you the opportunity to free up time to do what is important to you, which is essential to your well-being.

The rest is a matter of organization and choice.

Now take 10 minutes of your time to list the activities that cause you to lose time regularly.

For each of these activities, estimate how much time you could earn if you could delegate it to someone else.

Now, choose one of these activities and do something right away to start delegating it.

Learning to delegate both professional and personal activities is essential for your well-being, for your business, and for your family.

This is a habit that you need to develop, strengthen and expand as much in your professional sphere as in your personal one.

Continue this process week after week and you will start to have more and more time for yourself.

Doing this is useful for maximizing your working time and for having more time for yourself.

4 – Take care of your lifestyle

How can you maximize your time if you do not follow a lifestyle that supports your health?

This is to check if you are getting enough sleep, if you are feeding with food that gives you the energy to perform your tasks and if you practice sports regularly to strengthen your immune system.

It also involves assessing whether you are handling stress properly, whether you are pausing, relaxing, thinking, and not just doing.

All these factors are important because they allow you to optimize your energies because, without a good dose of energy, you will not be able to effectively manage your professional and personal life.

Neglecting even one of these factors has a negative effect on your daily performance and well-being.

That’s why you need to develop new habits to improve your lifestyle.

To do this, make a list of your good and bad habits in terms of lifestyle.

Rank in order of importance all negative habits for your well-being and your time management.

Choose a negative habit and do something immediately to start correcting it.

Over the weeks, you will be able to change most of your bad habits and you will gain both productivity and health.

Doing this helps to optimize his time as a business owner to have more time for yourself.

5 – Focus on activities that can and must be carried out by you

Now that you know how to save time by delegating or eliminating certain activities, you have time to focus on what can only be done by you.

Organize your days around these activities that will allow you to achieve the most important goals for your professional life and your private life.

If you identify conflicting goals, modify them to be consistent with your values.

Set a specific time for each of these activities and start your day with the most important activity to get you closer to your goals.

Then continue with the other activities.

Ideally, you can program your schedule at night before going to bed.

Avoid starting a day without having a clear vision of the activities you need to accomplish.

Otherwise, you will lose time, you will be less effective and you will not achieve your goals.

At the end of the day, take time to check your level of satisfaction with what you accomplished.

Write down what you have learned and what you can improve to make you feel more satisfied and become more effective.

If you have repetitive tasks that require little concentration and energy, plan them at the end of the day.

Following these principles will enable you to improve your time management, become more efficient, more confident and more satisfied.

6 – Write your to-be list

Becoming more efficient as a business owner and having more time for yourself is not just about executing effective actions.

To flourish and be at the top, you need to work on your skills.

How should you become to optimize your time and have more time for you?

What new beliefs do you need to develop or change?

What behavioral changes do you need to succeed?

What new person do you need to become to have a better quality of life at work and in your private life?

What do you need to learn or unlearn?

What new habits and attitudes do you need to develop to change your life?

What new experiences do you need to have to create your new reality?

After answering these questions, write your to be list and act right away to begin your change process.

7 – Learn time management or take advantage of time management coaching

Do your own research and find the best strategies and habits to optimize your schedule and have more time.

You can find a lot of sites, videos, and training that deal with this topic.

But you will see that some advice will be adapted to your needs while others will not be suitable.

Learn as much as you can and adapt this advice to your situation in order to develop your own professional and personal organization method.

If you cannot find a valid solution to your time management problems, you can be guided by a time management coach.

Conclusion on how to optimize your time as CEO and having more time for yourself

Improving your time management requires taking into account your life as a whole.

Good time management takes into account both your private and professional life.

I end by advising you of other articles on the theme of time management that may interest you, a first on how to stop procrastinating, a second on the obstacles of time management, a third on energy level and professional efficiency, and a fourth on how to become organized.

If you want to know more about how to optimize your working time in order to have more time for yourself, write to us via our contact form or contact directly a time management coach.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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