Happier in your relationship using assertiveness

Happier in your relationship using assertiveness

Would you like to be happier in your relationship using assertiveness? This article will show you how to use communication to reduce conflicts and being more satisfied in your relationship.

Happiness in relationship is the result of a good mutual understanding. Happy couples are able to use communication to fully understand the other partner’s perspective. Unhappy couples generally communicate in order to impose their own needs to the other partner.

If you are constantly dealing with conflicts in your relationship, you should keep on reading this article.

The eighth goal of couple communication: how to solve conflicts and increase your relationship satisfaction

The eighth goal of relationship communication is to express your expectations and needs without impose them to your partner. If you decide to force your partner to satisfy your viewpoint, you will constantly experience issues in your relationship.

Do you usually insist on asking your partner to satisfy your needs?

If yes, how does your partner generally respond to your behavior and how do you feel after her/his answers?

If you always demand your partner to satisfy your expectations, you will become dependent on her/his behavior. Moreover, you could also feel angry and unhappy. Because of that, your emotions could influence the way you act and create more conflicts in your relationship.

You can now realize that your partner cannot always be available to satisfy your needs. In fact, your beloved also have needs and expectations. Frequently, some of these needs are completely different and that can be another source of conflict in your romantic life.

Here is just a short exercise you can do to be happier in your relationship using assertiveness.

Please recall one of the main conflict topics in your relationship. Try to mentally re-experience the last argument you had as if you were watching a film. And now try to answer these questions:

Which needs are you trying to satisfy?

What can you do to satisfy your own needs and reduce conflicts in your relationship?

What kind of need is your partner trying to satisfy?

What can you do to understand your partner needs and help her/him to satisfy them?

After answering these questions, ask your partner about her/his needs and expectations. Then, clearly express yours. By doing this, you will both:

  • be aware of your mutual needs and expectations
  • have more chances to satisfy them

By being active to understand your partner, your beloved will also be more ready to understand you. Eventually, you will band together to achieve the common goal of more happiness in your relationship.

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